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Aiming High in Faith, Love and Learning

PE and Sport Premium


Since the Olympics in 2012, the government have wanted to continue the sporting legacy through our children. Therefore P.E. has become an important part of the weekly routine and more emphasis is being made on how P.E. is taught.


As a result the government have given schools a total of £10,000 for the school to use for P.E. OFSTED have taken a key interest in how this money is being used and whether or not P.E. is benefiting our children's fitness



Last year we introduced the daily mile, resulting in improved fitness, P.E. inclusion and general learning across the whole school.  


We also achieved the silver games mark for P.E. We achieved this by giving more children extracurricular sporting opportunities, attending more events and improving the sporting ethos across the school.


We will be keeping this going this year with the hope of achieving the Gold Games Mark by July 2018! Why not have a look at how our P.E. Funding is spent and our action plan for this year.


The Action Plan

In order to make sure P.E. is improving and benefiting the children at Christ Church we have created an action plan. This will help make sure targets are being met and that the correct provisions are being met. We regularly evaluate our action plan, see below to read a copy of our latest evaluation.


The main purpose of our money and action plan, is to improve teaching. To do this we need to improve subject knowledge and confidence in teaching different sports and activities. We have therefore invested in a range of outside support.

Mr Armes and Miss Wake, our P.E. coordinators, will be making sure that this help is having an impact on teaching. They will be doing this through observations and questionnaires with the teachers.



Another area we wanted to improve was our afterschool provision. We wanted to include a broad range of sports both competitive and non-competitive. We have achieved this through investment in our Sports Apprentice, parent coaches and timetabling staff effectively.

We also want to improve attendance at clubs. We particularly want to improve club attendance from children who attract Pupil Premium, who may struggle to attend after school clubs. Therefore we are beginning to introduce lunch time clubs, which will help to involve these children.

Events - We also want to be involved in a larger number of events the partnership hold. We particularly want to focus on more events for KS1. So far we have been involved in the KS1 Agility Festival and Basketball Tournament.


The main focus of our P.E. lessons is to improve fitness. We wanted to make sure all children are benefiting from the lessons. We chose the 'bleep test' as a way of assessing the children's fitness. This will take place each half term and improvements logged.

We are also developing a scheme of work which incorporates fitness for all year groups through a range of sports. We have developed against the expectations of the new curriculum.