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'Big Maths' is based upon the principle that there are 4 core skills that lie at the heart of numeracy. These core skills form the platform for virtually all other maths skills and are affectionately known as CLIC, Counting, Learn its, It's nothing new! and Calculations . Because it is so important for all children to make progress in all 4 core skills, 'Big Maths' involves teaching through the CLIC phases every day in a fun, engaging and lively manner.


Our focus begins with ‘Learn Its’. The basic premise of the ’Learn Its’ is that there are only 72 actual facts children need to learn and recall. Everything else they use is based on this knowledge, and how they apply it. For example – once a child knows that 1+1=2, then they can begin to understand that 1 ten + 1 ten = 2 tens (using the counting objects idea mentioned above) etc. In addition, learning the inverse at the same time cements that knowledge in place. BM suggests that these ‘Learn Its’ and all their related facts, can be easily learnt by children in a structured programme, much like phonics, by the end of yr 4.


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    Our school is a voluntary aided school affiliated to the Church of England, and it enjoys strong links with Christ Church. We hope all children who come here will be happy and successful, and look forward to working with you in a constructive and mutually respectful partnership to support your children's learning.

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