Aiming High in Faith, Love and Learning

Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

  • Head Teacher: Ania Vaughan
  • Deputy Head Teacher: Michelle Devine (maternity leave)
  • SENCo: Liz Sinclair
  • Acting Assistant Head & EYFS / KS1 Leader: Lucy Croft 
  • Acting Assistant Head & KS2 Leader: Jo Whitmore


Foundation Teaching Team

  • Campbell (Nursery)
    Kelly O'Bryan / Caroline Keen
  • Early Years Practioner - Amy Harris 
  • Kerr (Reception)
    Emma Bulgen
  • Donaldson (Reception)
    Dawn Leaford


Year 1 and 2 Teaching Team

  • Murphy (Year 1)
    Jacqueline Matthews
  • Hughes (Year 1 /2)
    Anna Ryan

  • Rosen (Year 2)
    Lucy Croft / Erin Dunlop


Year 3 and 4 Teaching Team

  • Cowell (Year 3)
    Shula Kemp 
  • Dahl (Year 3 /4)

       Laura Hall 

  • Walliams (Year 4)

       Marianne Mitchell / Sally Phipps


Year 5 and 6 Teaching Team

  • Morpurgo (Year 5)
    Emily Stevens
  • Rowling (Year 5 / 6)
    Jo Whitmore / Nicola Sampford 
  • Rundell (Year 6)
    Charlotte Anstead / Rachel Adams


Learning Support Assistants

  • Tracey Abernethy
  • Carrie Aldiss
  • Donna Holtby
  • Kate D'Arcy
  • Zena Davies
  • Jane Dudley
  • Kerrie Edwards 
  • Jacqui Fearn
  • Wendy Garratt
  • Alison Johnson
  • Sarah Kik 
  • Christine Matthews
  • Ruth Snelling
  • Rachel Swatton
  • Gemma Whittick 
  • Louise Blackwell
  • Keira Whittick
  • Jane Beviss
  • Ashley River-Vitry


PE Apprenticeship

  • James O'Callaghan 


Midday Supervisory Assistants

  • Caron Chellan
  • Liz Gotts
  • Zena Davies
  • Kerrie Edwards
  • Jacqueline Fearn
  • Natalie Hoare
  • Donna Holtby
  • Rachel Swatton 
  • Sam Gough


Office Team

  • Office Manager: Joanne Gray 
  • Administrator: Heather Lake
  • Administrator: Natalie Hoare


Premises Team

  • Caretaker: John Gore


Cafe Play

  • Club Leader: Jacqui Fearn / Rachel Swatton 
  • Kate D'Arcy
  • Jackie Fryer
  • Kiera Whittick
  • Esther Silver  

Contacting Staff 


For all general enquiries the first port of call is, of course, the school office.  Staff in the office should be able to answer queries about the day to day running of the school as well as about any activities taking place.  Any concern you may have relating to your child’s welfare or educational progress should, in the first instance, be addressed to the relevant class teacher, who will know your child best.


As you probably already know, teaching staff are generally available to address any immediate day to day issues with parents after school. Please be aware, however, that on Tuesdays there are regular staff meetings at the end of the school day, and these require the attendance of all teachers. Where an issue requires a confidential consultation or is likely to require a longer discussion, it is always best to make an appointment in advance with the particular teacher through the school office.


If, following a meeting with the class teacher, you wish to discuss any issue further, an appointment should be made with the relevant key stage leader or special needs coordinator, as below:


Early years/Foundation Stage and Key Stage1 Leader: Mrs Croft 
Key Stage 2: Mrs Whitmore
Special Needs Co-ordinator: Mrs Sinclair (Mondays - Thursdays)


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    Our school is a voluntary aided school affiliated to the Church of England, and it enjoys strong links with Christ Church. We hope all children who come here will be happy and successful, and look forward to working with you in a constructive and mutually respectful partnership to support your children's learning.

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