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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At Christ Church we are passionate about teaching French in years 3 to 6 as part of the national entitlement to the study of a second language as well as a more rounded approach to an international curriculum, exploring and celebrating different cultures.  For this reason, we are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded the following:

  • Intermediate level International School's award.
  • Silver Primary Language Quality Mark.


Where possible in our language teaching, links will be made to other subject areas.  This is in line with the school’s cross-curricular approach to learning.

We  hold an annual foreign culture celebration day, on the national holiday for that country, to learn about and appreciate how other cultures may differ from our own.  This will celebrate a different culture each year and will include an exploration of traditions, food, art, music, history and sport.  So far we have celebrated Bastille Day, Fiesta Nacional de Espagne and Dia de Portugal and we look forward to visiting many more countries soon.


We have a long term plan in place, using the Language Angels resources, which ensure a rich variety of learning and significant progression from year 3 to the end of KS2, as well as continuity in our teaching.


There is a timetabled lesson for provision of MFL teaching in all KS2 classes weekly.  This must be for at least 30 minutes.


A French club is run weekly for children in years 2 and 3 to inspire their interest in learning languages as they begin to learn about this more formally.

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    Our school is a voluntary aided school affiliated to the Church of England, and it enjoys strong links with Christ Church. We hope all children who come here will be happy and successful, and look forward to working with you in a constructive and mutually respectful partnership to support your children's learning.

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