Aiming High in Faith, Love and Learning


Our school reading programme


We believe that learning to read is key to academic success, and this is supported by research by the EEF (education endowment foundation.) Phonics teaching is recognised as an important component in the development of early reading skills, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The EEF considers phonics to be one of the most secure, and best evidenced areas of pedagogy. Studies have shown that and effective SSP programme has a positive overall impact (+ 5 months).


Our reading curriculum ensures children have opportunities to read for practise, read for meaning and read for pleasure. High quality phonics teaching provides children with skills to learn how to read (reading for practise), which enhances reading for meaning and makes reading more pleasurable. Therefore, phonics is a vital part of our curriculum, forming the building blocks on which our reading curriculum is based on.


At Christ Church School, our main reading programme is Oxford Reading Tree, but we do have other books which supplement this.  Oxford Reading Tree is a trusted collection of engaging fiction and non-fiction books for young readers. There are many strands to the Oxford Reading Tree programme, and our youngest pupils benefit from books which are linked to the phonics level which they are working on.


Our pupils work through the Oxford Reading Tree strands before moving onto the Tree Tops when they are ready.


The opening of our school library


Our school library was opened by our patron of reading, Alice Hemming.  Alice spoke to the children about her love of reading and writing books and shared her own book, Bibble and the Bubbles.  A ribbon across the doorway was cut by Jonathan Kaye, the Mayor of Ware and the local children’s author Alice Hemming.


After the ceremony, the pupils and their parents were invited to visit the library to see all the hard work and new resources.


The school PSA and their parents raised thousands of pounds to refurbish the new library and members of the whole school community got stuck in themselves, painting and decorating and doing whatever was needed to finish the £10,000 project.


Visiting the school Library


Children at Christ Church School are encouraged to come to the library every week with their class. Our children are always welcome to browse and choose a book, or take part in fun activities which promote a love of reading. The library is also open at lunchtimes and for storytime club. 


Our young librarians are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school's library. They acquire, organise and maintain resources that support the learning needs of pupils and the needs of the wider school community.